Charlie Sheen-- Headlocked, Booted from Bar Alcohol Definitely a Factor

10/11/2015 3:59 PM PDT

Charlie Sheen Headlocked, Booted From Bar ... Alcohol DEFINITELY a Factor


Charlie Sheen overstayed his welcome at a bar in the OC Saturday ... he was taken out in a headlock.

Charlie had gone fishing during the day, then retreated to what seemed like safe ground ... Hennessey's Tavern in Dana Point.  One shot turned into 2, turned in to 5 ... and 4 hours later Charlie was blitzed.

He was friendly enough, taking pics with a bunch of adorning fans.  But then this woman tried to shoot video of him on her cellphone, which he slapped out of her hand, damaging it.

The bouncer then did what bouncers do ... he put Charlie in an impressive WWE hold and removed him from the premises ... and someone DID shoot that on their cellphone.

But it wasn't over.  Charlie insisted on meeting the guy who dared put him in line.  They shook hands, said goodnight, and Charlie's driver took his alcohol-fueled passenger home.

Good times.