'Celebrity Wife Swap' Cancelled

10/12/2015 12:53 PM PDT

'Celebrity Wife Swap' Cancelled


"Celebrity Wife Swap" will no longer reveal important life lessons like ... do NOT be Coolio's live-in girlfriend -- ABC is pulling the plug on the reality show.

TMZ has learned the spin-off from "Wife Swap" has been cancelled after 4 seasons.

We're told executives for Zodiak Media -- the production company -- have already started emailing potential candidates about the show's demise. ABC says no decision's been made yet, but the people producing 'CWS' are saying otherwise.

During its run, the show exposed domestic train wrecks like Gary Busey, Corey Feldman, Andy Dick, and Verne Troyer.

Tragically, we'll never get to see a Randy Quaid swap.