Drake Deserves His Own Dance ... After 'Hotline Bling' Steps

10/22/2015 10:21 AM PDT

Drake Deserves His Own Dance After His 'Hotline Bling' Steps


Drake is about to get the ultimate pop culture honor, elevating him to the level of "The Twist," "The Electric Slide," and "The Stanky Leg" -- yes, he's getting his own dance!

We got Sayquon Keys, one of the genius choreographers behind Silento's 'Whip/Nae Nae' video -- and he gave Drake props for the "Hotline Bling" moves everyone is talking about. Sure, a ton of people are mocking Drake's dance skills ... but Sayquon finds them inspiring.

So much so, he and his dancers came up with something our camera guy calls "The Drizzy." Mind you, this in a Bev Hills back alley ... and still pretty awesome.

You're welcome, Drake.