Doris Roberts Everybody Does NOT Love 'Room' ... It SUCKS!

10/23/2015 7:55 AM PDT

Doris Roberts' Date Says Everybody Does NOT Love 'Room' ... It SUCKS! (VIDEO)


89-year-old Doris Roberts' date night did NOT end well -- her guy friend unloaded on us about the movie they saw ... and it was NOT GOOD.

Doris and her longtime BF Jack Betts were leaving Arclight Theaters in Hollywood when our photog made the mistake of asking what they saw, and while Doris was quiet ... Betts launched into one of the most brutal movie reviews we've ever seen. 

Sorry, producers of 'Room.' Your touching movie about a mother and her little boy escaping the room where they've been held captive for years ... just didn't touch Jack.

Aka, it blows. IHO.