'ANTM' Contestant Bloodied And Bruised After Scary Car Wreck

10/26/2015 12:20 AM PDT

'ANTM' Contestant -- Bruised And Bloody After Scary Car Wreck


Bello Sanchez, a former contestant on "America's Next Top Model" is lucky to be alive after a serious car wreck.

Bello tells TMZ he was driving home around 3 AM Monday after dropping a friend off from an after-party. He says he fell asleep at the wheel and his car drifted into another vehicle. He says he was not wearing a seat belt and the impact caused him to hit his head on the windshield, cracking it. 

The model claims he suffered a concussion along with several cuts on his forehead ... he also has muscle damage to his right arm and shoulder. We're told at this point no charges have been filed.

Bello finished in 8th place during cycle 22 of 'ANTM.'