Mohamed Hadid Criminal Charges Filed Over 'Starship Enterprise' Mansion

12/11/2015 6:59 AM PST

Mohamed Hadid: Dragged Into Criminal Suit ... Your Mega-Mansion Is Wayyy Too Big

Mohamed Hadid now faces criminal charges after allegedly thumbing his nose at his neighbors who are at war with him over his nearly-built mansion that looks like the Starship Enterprise.

The city has been after Hadid's construction company for years. The main house is 30,000 square feet -- 9,000 more than the City of L.A. approved. There have been other violations, according to city officials, but Hadid's company allegedly just kept going, blowing off the building dept.

Hadid's company was charged with 3 criminal building complaints, but on Wednesday a judge ruled the father of Gigi and Bella Hadid is now also a defendant.

The size of the mega-mansion isn't the only issue ... neighbors say it poses a threat to their lives -- they say the land the home's built on has unstable ground and El Nino could cause serious landslides.

Mohamed's mansion has become a landmark in Bel Air over the years, boasting a 70-seat IMAX theater, yet it only has parking for 6 cars.

The Daily Mail has been reporting on the story, citing a comment Hadid made on Instagram hours after the judge joined him in the case. Hadid said, "The higher you get, the more people want to climb just to knock you down. Just remember, only a fraction realize their own dreams and will never reach where you are."