Miss Universe Colombian Official Says Pageant Really Screwed Our Girl Up

12/21/2015 9:32 AM PST

Miss Universe: Colombian Official ... Pageant Really Screwed Our Girl Up


Miss Colombia will suffer not only disappontment as a result of Steve Harvey's blunder, but it is "something that can harm her" ... so says the country's Counsul General to New York.

Maria Isabel Nieto tells TMZ the snafu was extremely painful for Miss Colombia and could cause long-term issues. Nieto notes that physically taking the the crown from her will likely cause psychological trauma.

The Counsul General thinks Donald Trump is right on the money ... Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia should share the crown.

Failing that, Nieto thinks pageant officials should give Miss Colombia a more expanded role in the coming year. As she put it, all the first runner up does is wait, and that's not fair. 

The President of Colombia even weighed in saying, "I was watching Miss Universe with my family and we even celebrated when we heard Colombia was going to be Miss Universe for the second year in a row. Miss Colombia was marvelous and spectacular. It was a letdown when the host said he made a mistake. I don’t believe this has ever happened in the history of Miss Universe. For me, Miss Colombia is Miss Universe and will continue to be Miss Universe. They placed the crown on her, there is a photo and for me as a Colombian she will continue to be Miss Universe."