Drake and Kylie Unwanted Visitors Invade Property

12/25/2015 6:16 AM PST

Drake and Kylie -- Unwanted Visitors Invade Property


Drake and Kylie Jenner had more to share than just XMAS cheers at Kris Jenner's XMAS party ... they could trade stories about trespassers who got arrested that very day on their respective properties.

18-year-old Skylar Stevenson jumped over a gate onto Drake's Hidden Hills estate.  She never made it inside the home and got arrested for criminal trespass.

Kylie's trespasser was more serious ... the guy showed up at her security gate and that was enough to sound the alarm.  Law enforcement tells us he's been there at least 10 times recently this time he tried to force his way in.  The guy was taken into custody an placed on a psych hold.  

Kylie's trespasser was released.  Skylar's bail was only $1k, so we're guessing she was too.