Quentin Tarantino Leaves Permanent 'F*** You' ... At Hollywood Landmark

1/6/2016 9:03 AM PST

Quentin Tarantino: Permanent 'F*** You' at Hollywood Landmark

Quentin Tarantino -- known to drop a 4-letter word or two -- appropriately, left one in cement when he got a huge Hollywood honor at the TCL Chinese Theatre. 

QT was immortalized Tuesday when he put his hand and footprints in sidewalk outside the legendary theatre. But the shoes he was wearing had "F*** U" in the soles, and yeah ... now that's in the cement too.

Of course, Tarantino's shoes are replicas of the same pair Uma Thurman wore in 'Kill Bill.'

It's unclear if the theatre will let the curses slide or censor the sidewalk. Gotta say ... it would be fitting to leave it as is, but we'll see.