Justin Bieber Gives Airport Worker Big Break

1/13/2016 8:10 AM PST

Justin Bieber Gives Airport Worker His Big Break


Working on Justin Bieber's private jet turned into a life changing opportunity for one guy, whose singing impressed Justin so much, he could score a gig ... WITH Justin! Maybe. 

Steven Kelly was working the tarmac Tuesday at Signature Flight Support in Westchester, NY when the Biebs asked him to come aboard and belt out a tune. Justin's driver had heard Steven sing before, and thought Justin would dig his voice. 

Steven says he was over the moon for the opportunity, especially since he missed out on "American Idol." At 64, he's a little past the show's age limit.

Justin liked Steven's version of "My Way" enough to post it on Instagram. Steven even gave him a CD full of covers he recorded, and had the balls to ask if he could join Bieber onstage someday.

He says Justin didn't say no ... just, "you know what, that can be arranged." So, he's saying there's a chance ... that's how Steven's taking it, anyway.