Meek Mill Rick Ross Is My Ankle Bracelet Bro

3/17/2016 12:47 PM PDT

Meek Mill: Rick Ross Is My Ankle Bracelet Bro!

Exclusive Details

Rick Ross is the perfect person to boost Meek Mill's spirits during his 90 day house arrest sentence ... since Rozay already knows what it's like to be on ankle bracelet lockdown.

They didn't work on any music -- remember, the judge said that's a no-no for Meek. Instead, our sources say they just hung out and Rick wanted to make sure Meek doesn't go stir crazy with such a long stretch ahead of him. He's only 17 days into the 90.

By the way ... Ross had a hearing Thursday where the judge in his pistol-whipping case granted him permission to travel overseas, but the ankle bracelet has to go with him.

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