Arnold Schwarzenegger Meet My Son Joseph ... He's Awesome!!!

4/17/2016 7:00 AM PDT

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Meet My Son Joseph ... He's Awesome!!! (PHOTOS)


Arnold Schwarzenegger worked it out with the son who has become his spitting image.

Arnold showed Joseph Baena the ropes Saturday at Gold's Gym in Venice.  The 18-year-old is jacked like an up-and-coming Mr. Universe, but the Pepperdine business major has other aspirations.

Arnold was bragging in the gym ... Joseph's pulling straight A's.

We haven't seen a single pic of the Arnold and Joseph together since he was a small boy, although we know the 2 were always in contact.

This kid could end up being the true Arnold protege.  

Arnold was Mr. Dad Saturday, traveling to Coachella to spend time with son Patrick.