Aaron Paul I'm a Real Estate Double Dipper!

5/16/2016 12:55 PM PDT

Aaron Paul Double Dips With Airbnb

Aaron Paul's real estate rental game is on point ... 'cause he hustles as a host AND a guest.

"Breaking Bad" fans, up to four guests, can stay in Aaron's pad in Boise, Idaho for a bargain at $395 a night. The splashy crib's powered by geothermal hot springs, and it's within walking distance to downtown. The only rule -- ironically for Jesse Pinkman -- no parties inside the house!

Even with the party ban ... Aaron has RAVE reviews on his Airbnb profile.

He's loyal too -- ditching a hotel this past weekend, and opting for a huge Airbnb mansion in Park City for his brother's bachelor party. That pad goes for $5k a night but he got hooked up on this one.