10 Reasons Why Jojo Fletcher Is Going To Slay As The Bachelorette

5/20/2016 12:01 AM PDT

10 Reasons Why JoJo Fletcher Is Going To Slay As The Bachelorette

'The Bachelorette' premieres tonight and if watching 26 super hot guys boozin’ and fighting for one girls attention doesn’t do it for you ... than JoJo Fletcher just might. 

Check out the photo evidence below to see why JoJo is the best thing to happen to your Monday nights.

10. This shirt that perfectly sums up her priorities. 

9. She has a sense of humor.

8. She does whatever it takes to get what she wants.

7. She has no shame in her selfie game. 

6. She's going to be a great mom one day.

5. She has really cool celebrity friends.

4. She takes a damn good selfie.

3. She has perfect form.

2. She's a hugger, not a fighter. 

1. She's really, really ridiculously good looking.