Calvin Harris The Mangled Wreck

5/22/2016 12:09 PM PDT

Calvin Harris: The Mangled Wreck


Calvin Harris may have needed an ambulance after his car accident Friday night, but the crash pics we got show he was actually a very lucky man.

The SUV in which Calvin was a passenger could easily have been struck head on ... had it been hit a second earlier.  TMZ broke the story ... a VW Bug driven by a 16-year-old crossed the dividing line at around 11 PM and smashed into the SUV, ejecting one of the girls from the VW.  

We're told the 16-year-old girl was speeding up Coldwater Canyon when she lost control and nearly slammed into the mountain.  She jerked the wheel and overcompensated, crashing in to the SUV.

As we reported, Calvin was taken to a local hospital for a facial laceration.  Law enforcement sources tell us he asked for a private room, and when they couldn't accommodate him, he got off the gurney and left, against medical advice.  A rep for Calvin disputes that and says he was cleared to leave.  

As for the girl who was ejected, she suffered a broken pelvis ... she should be ok.

Calvin had to cancel 2 gigs.