Shaunie O'Neal Mom's Gotta Keep Kids Closer ... Cincy Zoo Screwed Up Too

5/31/2016 9:30 AM PDT

Shaunie O'Neal: Mom's Gotta Keep Kids Closer, But Cincinnati Zoo Messed Up Too


Shaunie O'Neal's got a ton of questions for the mother at the center of the Cincinnati Zoo tragedy -- starting with how the woman allowed her 4-year-old to wander THAT far away.

As a mother of 5, the 'Baskeball Wives' creator has strong opinions about what went wrong at the zoo -- but Shaunie's not laying ALL the blame on the parents. While some critics are calling for social services to get involved ... Shaunie says pump the brakes on that. For now. 

Shaunie also tells us how she would have reacted in the same situation. She's only half-kidding ... we think.