Anton Yelchin Death Scene Photos

6/19/2016 2:22 PM PDT

Anton Yelchin, Death Scene Photos (PHOTO GALLERY)


Anton Yelchin's body was pinned with such force, it bent a metal security gate leading to his home ... and photos obtained by TMZ show the fury of impact.

As we reported, Yelchin's driveway is on a steep incline from the house to the street. It appears the "Star Trek" star had just left his home and cleared the security gate ... but for some reason it appears he got out and left the vehicle in neutral.

Yelchin's 5,000 pound Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled backwards and pinned him against the gate with such force, it bent the metal.

As we reported, Yelchin was supposed to show for a rehearsal that was called for around 11 PM Saturday night so it appears the accident occurred at some point before that. Friends worried when he did not show and at around 1 AM Sunday they went to the house and discovered his body.

He was pronounced dead at the scene but so far the coroner has not determined if he died instantly upon impact.

The 27-year-old had a security camera trained at the gate which may have captured the accident.