Chelsea Manning's Attorney Army Lied To Cover Apparent Suicide Attempt

7/6/2016 12:17 PM PDT

Chelsea Manning's Attorney: Army Lied To Cover Apparent Suicide Attempt


Chelsea Manning's attorney is accusing the Army of outright lying to cover up what appears to be a suicide attempt behind bars.

Attorney Nancy Hollander tells TMZ she and her team had been cleared to have a routine call with Chelsea Tuesday afternoon, but when they called in they were told there were problems connecting the call. The staff at Leavenworth made no mention of a suicide attempt.

Hollander says she's been trying in vain to get in touch after we posted a story that Chelsea apparently tried hanging herself in her cell early Tuesday morning.

Now Hollander says she's been informed she cannot even talk to Chelsea until Friday at the earliest. 

The attorney says Chelsea's friends "are profoundly distressed" about the radio silence, and want to know what's really up.