Racial Tensions Amazing Program to Repair Relations

7/12/2016 1:18 PM PDT

Racial Tensions: Amazing Program to Repair Relations


There's an incredible program in L.A. that's made a huge difference in the lives of scores of African American kids, courtesy of cops ... and it's all flown under the radar.

It's called Operation Progress, where LAPD cops donate their time, go into Watts and mentor kids throughout their education. The cops do it all on their own time, without pay. 

The program has been largely funded by Rick Caruso -- owner of The Grove in L.A. and former L.A. Police Commissioner -- and his wife Tina. They've poured millions of dollars of their own money into the program since it launched 3 years ago.

Rick appeared on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to talk about the incredible success of the program ... and how the kids have thrived with the help of the cops in difficult surroundings.

Check out what Rick has to say ... this should be done everywhere.