Disney World Matthew Wins ... We're Closing!

10/6/2016 9:40 AM PDT

Disney World -- Hurricane Matthew Wins ... We're Closing!

Matthew - 1
Mickey - 0

Disney World is making the monumental decision to shut its doors as Hurricane Matthew barrels into Florida ... TMZ has learned.

We're told the Orlando park will close down at 5 PM Thursday, but expects to open again Saturday morning. That's the plan ... but you gotta think that all depends on the damage.

Matthew's category 4 winds are expected to start tearing through South and Central Florida Thursday afternoon. Disney World has closed 3 previous times for hurricanes: once in 1999 (Floyd) and twice in 2004 (Frances and Jeanne).

Universal Orlando is also shutting down today, and also expects to find a way to open by Saturday.

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