Tina Knowles Both My Girls Are #1s ... Just Like Michael and Janet!

10/12/2016 7:14 AM PDT

Tina Knowles Says Both Her Girls Are Number 1s, Just Like Michael and Janet!


Tina Knowles is watching history repeat itself with her 2 daughters, who now share a place in the books with another pair of famous siblings ... the Jacksons

We got Tina leaving The District by Hannah An in L.A. Tuesday and asked about Beyonce getting tossed into the Trump "locker room" convo ... Mom wasn't really feeling that.

What she is into though is Bey and Solange now having seats at the table with music sibling royalty by having both their albums reach No. 1 in the same year ... just like MJ and JJ did in 2001. 

Check out the woman who birthed the hits ... or the hit makers, anyway. 

Oh, and just for giggles -- here's the Bey-Trump comparison too.