Ivanka Trump's Husband Sued Your Magazine Is Creating a Bad 'Scene'

11/30/2016 2:02 PM PST

Ivanka Trump's Husband Jared Kushner Sued Over 'Scene in NY' Magazine


One of Jared Kushner's publications is stepping on the toes, and name, of a competitor in NYC ... according to a lawsuit.

Ivanka Trump's husband famously owns New York Observer, but also has a company called New York Luxury Publishing. According to the docs, his publishing co. started printing a magazine called "Scene in New York" in 2013.

Gregg Moramarco has a big problem with that. He filed the lawsuit, saying Kushner's mag is way too similar to his -- "Scene New York" -- which he's been cranking out since 2006.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Moramarco says the similarity is creating confusion and deception in the marketplace ... which is hurting his bottom line. He wants the President-elect's son-in-law to immediately stop the presses, and fork over more than $500,000 in damages.

It's odd, when we search "Scene in New York" on the Internet, the only thing that comes up is "Scene" magazine ... which Kushner does own. So, it's unclear what Moramarco's beef is at this point.

We've reached out to Kushner and his publishing company ... no word back yet.