Justin Bieber Former Neighbors Say Pay Big for Ruining Our Lives

1/5/2017 10:19 AM PST

Justin Bieber Needs to Pay Big For Ruining Our Lives


Justin Bieber has got to be kidding ... trying to dodge responsibility for allegedly terrorizing a neighbor by trying to turn it into a penny-ante lawsuit ... so claims the "terrorized" neighbor.

It's pretty incredible. Jeffrey Schwartz has already collected $90,000 from Bieber for the now-famous egging of his Calabasas home. Schwartz now wants more ... for all the emotional distress he claims he suffered from the egging, alleged spitting and fight challenges at the hands and mouth of the Biebs.

Justin's lawyers have asked the judge to limit any possible damage award to $25k, but in new legal docs Schwartz counters by saying the singer's lawyers have secretly offered more to settle.

Mind you ... the egging occurred 3 years ago, but Schwartz isn't letting it go. One clue ... Schwartz claims part of Bieber's alleged campaign of terror involved anit-Semitic barbs.

Schwartz and his wife say as a result of the emotional distress they've suffered from headaches, stomachaches and sleepless nights.