Donald Trump Inauguration Press Secy Says Inauguration Crowd Was Biggest of All Time

1/21/2017 3:14 PM PST

Donald Trump Inauguration Press Secy Defends Crowd Reports

Donald Trump's team is continuing to try and dispel reports of his low Inauguration crowds ... this time, his Press Secretary Sean Spicer came to Trump's defense. 

Spicer held a press conference Saturday where he claimed the crowd to witness Trump's swear-in Friday was the biggest of all time ... including physical, TV and digital viewers. Spicer blamed white tarps laid out in front of The Capitol for highlighting the empty spots in the crowd.

The PS didn't stop there -- he also said stricter security measures this year led to Inaugural attendees getting to their spots late -- after the photo of the crowd was taken.

He also gave some public transportation stats for Trump vs. Obama's last Inauguration.