'The Bachelor' Nick Digs THREE Black Women ... Who Knew??!!

1/31/2017 7:23 AM PST

'The Bachelor' Digs THREE Black Women! Who Knew?

Nick Viall is 5 weeks in and something cray is happening on "The Bachelor" -- 3 black women are still in the running, and at least one is becoming a fan fave!

Rachel kinda killed it on Monday night's episode, by all accounts ... doing a sexy NOLA date with Nick, who copped to falling for her during dinner.

Not that we see color, but fact is the 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' shows get knocked for black contestants never getting a fair shake. Lawsuits have been filed over it, after all.

Nick's been equal opportunity -- he kicked off 3 black women, but 3 are still getting roses.

Yes we can, America. Yes we can.