Sean Astin Quit Baggins on Trump ... There's Still Hope

3/3/2017 8:52 AM PST

Sean Astin Says Quit Baggins on Trump, There's Still Hope


Sean Astin knows Trump haters are using his famous speech from 'Lord of the Rings' as inspiration, but he has a new message for them.

Sean was at LAX when we brought up the metaphor people have been talking about since November -- his character Sam's inspirational speech about fighting for the good that's still left in the world. Sean told us he gets why people made the comparison, but he's also had a change of heart.

Check out his take now, 4 months after the election. Sean sounds a little more optimistic that America won't have to make the long, torturous walk through Mordor -- like Sam, Frodo and millions of moviegoers did.