Statue of Liberty Happy Int’l Women's Day I'm Getting $4.5 Mil Makeover!

3/8/2017 1:08 PM PST

Statue of Liberty Getting $4.5 Million Makeover


Lady Liberty turns 131 this year and will celebrate with a well-deserved $4.5 million makeover ... TMZ has learned.

The National Park Service has approved a major cleanup project on the Statue of Liberty. Most of the improvements involve the area around the statue's base. According to docs obtained by TMZ, there's 8,000 sq feet of granite damaged and in need of repair.

Other plans include planting 46 trees, adding about 1,650 ft of fencing and new gates.

The NPS expects the renovations to take about a year and it doesn't appear the work will require shutting down visits to the landmark.

The work has nothing to do with Tuesday night's power outage on the island. The project was actually approved earlier this week.