Coachella Sues Urban Outfitters You're Selling the Clothes Off Our Back!!!

3/17/2017 7:43 AM PDT

Coachella Sues Urban Outfitters, You're Selling the Clothes Off Our Back!!!

Coachella and Urban Outfitters are like Salt & Peppa ... one is tied to the other, which makes the festival's lawsuit against the clothing company pretty shocking.

Urban Outfitters makes a fortune every year from festival goers who stock up on stylish and hipster gear before heading out to the desert.

Here's the problem ... the folks at Coachella say the clothing company has crossed the line by hawking its stuff as Coachella wear, without getting prior permission. Urban Outfitters has essentially created a full-blown Coachella campaign on Amazon, Zappos and Bloomingdale's websites.

So this is a shock ... the festival folks want a cut of the profits Urban Outfitters made off of its name.