Travis Scott Fans Jump Off Balcony!! Crash Land in Mosh Pit

5/1/2017 6:40 AM PDT

Travis Scott Fans Leap From Balcony in NYC

Travis Scott's fans were packed like sardines at his concert, and the overflow had some fans going over the edge -- literally leaping off a balcony into a mosh pit.

Travis was performing at Terminal 5 Sunday night in NYC ... where fans willingly jumped from the 2nd level to the main floor, totally trusting the sea of fans below to catch them.

We're told some fans jumped to escape the pack and insanely hot conditions, but others were clearly just following Travis' call to get in the mosh pit. The rapper seemed to feel bad for one fan who had to be carried out because of an injury.

Law enforcement sources tell us nobody was cited for the incident and FDNY was not called to transport anyone.