Kendall Jenner Eats Dirt After Falling off Bike!!!

5/16/2017 7:01 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner Eats Dirt Riding a Bike!!!

Don't tell Kendall Jenner anything is just like riding a bike, 'cause she's got issues there ... based on this near face-planting wipeout.

The model was decked out in a hot pink coat and cruising along until she tried coming to a stop on the bicycle. Keyword: TRIED.

Instead of using the brakes, looks like she tried to do it 'Flintstones' style ... with her feet. The outcome will add a little joy to your day. Looks like there was a camera guy -- probably for 'KUWTK' -- getting all the action ... hopefully in super slo-mo.

Khloe posted the vid with the caption, "My work here is done."