Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Did Me Dirty ... I'm Releasing Unedited Footage!

6/15/2017 6:44 PM PDT

Alex Jones Promising to Release Full Megyn Kelly Interview

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"Infowars" host Alex Jones says he knew Megyn Kelly was going to screw him over ... so he's releasing his own behind-the-scenes footage from their interview before NBC airs the piece.

Jones says he suspected Kelly would misrepresent him in the TV special, and feels the promos for the controversial interview prove he was right. Turns out he recorded his convos with Kelly ... some before the interview even began ... to have his side of the story documented.

He's been asking NBC to cancel the segment -- scheduled to air Sunday -- because he thinks it's unfairly edited. He says the network refused, and that's why he's beating them to the punch.

It's unclear if Kelly knew she was being recorded by Jones. We've reached out to NBC News.

Rob Dew, a news director for Infowars, doubled down on Jones' promise to release the footage, which they say will include the full, unedited interview.