Little Rock Club Shooting Crazy Gunfire Captured on Video

7/1/2017 8:39 AM PDT

Little Rock Club Shooting, Video Captures Crazy Gunfire

At least 25 people were injured in gunfire during another shooting at a club ... this time in Little Rock, Arkansas.

An unknown gunman opened fire at the Power Ultra Lounge around 2:30 AM Saturday morning and the terrifying moments were caught on cell phone video.

According to KATV ... shots were first fired from the crowd and then returned from the stage. Rapper Finesse 2Tymes was the headlining act of the night and was finishing his set.

So far, 25 people have been reported with gunshot injuries and several more were hurt in the trampling that followed. Cops say the shooting was a result of a dispute at the concert, and they suspect multiple people fired weapons.

Little Rock’s mayor says his “heart is broken" over the shooting.