'South Park' Co-Creator Family Time Gets Awesome Moose Cameo!!!

7/13/2017 7:18 AM PDT

'South Park' Co-Creator Trey Parker and Family Get Super Close Moose Encounter

Trey Parker knows this much about moose ... they're curious creatures and his family's close encounter is all the proof he needed. 

The "South Park" co-creator and his family were in their Steamboat Springs, CO home hanging in the pool when, out of nowhere, a moose strolls poolside to give the Parkers their very own "Planet Earth" episode.

It's an awesome video for a few reasons ... 1) the moose, of course, 2) Trey's daughter is scared but his father-of-the-year skills quickly take over, and 3) Trey's wife gets it all on video!!!