Ed Sheeran 'GoT' Cameo Gets Mixed Reviews Mostly For Randomness

7/17/2017 7:46 AM PDT

'Game of Thrones' Returns with Ed Sheeran Cameo

Ed Sheeran didn't stray far from his lane for his "Game of Thrones" debut, but not everyone is convinced he deserves two thumbs up for the performance.

Sheeran's brief appearance on the show is now one of the most talked about things about Sunday night's season 7 premiere. The reviews are mixed ... which is weird since he had a trivial role and stuck mostly to singing ... by a campfire, while eating rabbit.

Word of Sheeran's cameo role came out back in March -- and the show's had a bunch of other musicians on it like Coldplay's Will Champion and Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody. So, maybe expectations were just too high.

Something tells us Ed would've had a chart topper in Westeros.