Powerball Winner Quits Job Pockets $336 MILLION!!!

8/24/2017 10:58 AM PDT

Powerball Winner Quits Job, Pockets $336 MILLION!!!

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Mavis L. Wanczyk ... that's the name to love or hate or try to hit up for a cool million or 2 because she's the lucky Massachusetts woman who won Wednesday's $758 million Powerball jackpot!!!

Mavis, who worked at a medical center, quit her job Thursday morning after claiming the winning ticket. Lotto officials estimate she'll take home $336,350,655 after taxes.

Mavis bought the winning ticket at the Pride Station and Store in Chicopee, MA. She is now the winner of the largest single ticket Powerball jackpot.

She picked the winning numbers based on the birthdays of family members.

As for Mavis, she's 53, a mother of 2 and single.

Any takers???