Barack Obama Reporting for Jury Duty, Your Honor!

11/8/2017 9:40 AM PST

Barack Obama Reports for Jury Duty in Chicago (UPDATE)

12:50 PM PT -- Local reports say the former Prez was dismissed ... guess he's gotta wait on that $17.20 payday.

Former Prez Barack Obama is still leading by example ... showing his fellow citizens that when you get called for jury duty -- no matter where or when -- you show up.

Obama returned to Chicago Wednesday morning to report for jury duty at Daley Center ... along with his Secret Service detail, of course. Though he now lives in D.C., the former president still has a place in Chi-town and got summoned there.

Barack will certainly be the most famous potential juror in Cook County this year ... but he'll still get paid the same as everyone else -- $17.20 per day ... if he's actually selected.

Guy's got a law degree. Just sayin' ...