Brad Pitt I'll Pay 6 Figures For Emilia Clarke!!!

1/7/2018 6:45 AM PST

Brad Pitt Bids 6 Figures at Auction for 'Game of Thrones' Viewing with Emilia Clarke

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Brad Pitt is on the verge of becoming single again, so it's no surprise he's looking for some companionship. But really ... $120,000 for a few hours?

Truth is ... it was all done in the name of charity. Brad hit up Sean Penn's annual relief event in Hollywood, and one of the items up for silent auction was watching an episode of "Game of Thrones" ... with Emilia Clarke!!!

It was pretty hysterical ... because Jon Snow -- Kit Harington -- was looking on and seemingly either jealous or intent on getting in on the action if Brad ended up the highest bidder.

The bidding started -- as Emilia watched -- at a modest $20k but quickly soared at the hands of Brad to $80k. Harington had been in the bathroom when the bidding began, but when he returned to the room Brad outbid HIMSELF and upped the ante to $90k. Kit apparently quipped he'd sit in for the 'GOT' viewing and Brad then upped his bid again ... to $120k!!!

But this story does not have a happy ending for Brad ... he lost out to someone less famous who snagged the prize for $160k.

BTW ... good for Kit that he made it. The night before he was thrown out of a NYC bar after becoming out of control wasted.