Golden Globes Tailor to the Stars ... Mad Rush on Black Dresses

1/7/2018 12:04 PM PST

Golden Globes, Tailor To the Stars Says Mad Rush for Black Dresses


There has been a race to the finish for a number of stars who will be attending the Golden Globes -- a race to score a black dress -- and we know this because of a famous tailor who can't keep up.

We've been asked not to mention the name of the tailoring & alteration company but a huge number of stylists use this shop, so the employees have context.

We're told in the past 2 weeks, there has been an insane run on black dresses that have come into the shop.  The number of dresses leaves stats for prior Golden Globes in the dust. 

The owner tells us normally they have a staff of five but they've hired on 10 more in the last week or so because of the swell.

What's more ... the shop owner says normally stylists bring in 2 to 3 dresses for the Golden Globes.  The range is now 6 to 10 dresses after the movement was announced. 

The owner also told us stylists said to her they were worried lots of people would show up in the same outfit, so they're asking for small changes.  The owner said they just turned a black dress backless and put a high slit on another.

Final thing -- the shop owner says some people have been asking for small hints of yellow ... underneath a slit, outlining a backless dress, a hem across the breast line.