Jim Jones MLK Jr. Super Bowl Ad Wasn't a Diss ... It Was Educational!!!

2/5/2018 6:48 AM PST

MLK Jr. Super Bowl Commercial Was Educational, Not Disrespectful, Says Rapper Jim Jones


Martin Luther King Jr. might have starred in the most important Super Bowl commercial of the year ... according to Jim Jones, anyway.

If you missed it ... Dodge used a 1968 MLK speech -- about service and community -- for its Ram trucks spot. Using his words to push truck sales rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

But Sunday night outside Craig's in WeHo, Jim had more of a silver linings reaction to the controversy.

The way Jim sees it ... there's nothing bad about MLK's words reaching more than 100 million viewers -- many of them young kids, who might be getting their first exposure to the iconic civil rights leader.

Translation: Let MLK have his Super Bowl shine ... he's earned it, after all.