Drake Throws Da 'U' in Miami ... Rides Another Bandwagon

2/6/2018 2:56 PM PST

Drake Throws Da 'U' At Miami, Rides Another Bandwagon

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Drake must have very strong legs because no one, and we mean NO ONE, hops bandwagons better than the 6 God ... who's now repping the University of Miami. For a day, anyway.

Drizzy was on campus of Da U shooting a music vid for his smash hit, "God's Plan," and decided to work the crowd into a frenzy by throwing up the "U" symbol.

Here's the thing ... Drake does this all the time, he was just going on and on about the University of Alabama, before that it was Kentucky, and so on and so on.

And don't get us started on the NBA, where he's repped the Raptors, Heat, Warriors, and even partied with the Cavs.

C'mon bro ... pick a side.