Milan's Fashion Week Fur Protesters Display Faux Dead Fox

2/24/2018 8:15 AM PST

Animal Rights Protesters Display Faux Dead Fox During Women's Fashion Week

You're as likely to find animal rights protesters at fashion shows these days as you are models.

Check out Women's Fashion Week in Milan, Italy Saturday, where protesters blocked the entrance to the Simonetta Ravizza show, protesting models who were wearing fur.

A woman wearing a fox head and soaked in fake blood was being carried by a guy with what appears to be a fox fur.

Animal rights groups all over the world are bearing down on the fur industry for torturing animals to make coats.  The faux fur industry is growing -- as are alternatives to fur -- as people become aware of the misery the industry has caused helpless animals.

Pam Anderson has challenged the Kardashians, saying she'd happily appear on their reality show if they stop wearing fur.