Blac Chyna I Got Architectural Digest Suckin' Up to Me!!!

4/11/2018 7:24 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's Dream Home Featured in Architectural Digest

Blac Chyna has turned the world upside down ... hoity-toity Architectural Digest is featuring her meeting with a prominent architect to design her dream home.

Michael B. Lehrer, who got his pedigree from Harvard Graduate School of Design, is working with Chyna on an insane pad ... with a 10-car garage, helicopter pad, infinity pool, sex room and a bank vault. She said she got the money-room idea from Macaulay Culkin's "Richie Rich" flick. Seriously.

No mention of a nursery or kids' room for King Cairo and Dream (#priorities).

Unclear if this will just be a dream home or a reality. 

The Harvard-educated architect can't be cheap ... is probably what Rob Kardashian's thinking. He's forking over $20k a month in child support ... and it wasn't long ago he was renting from Kylie.

Only in America.