Kendall Jenner My 23rd Birthday Rocks!!!

11/4/2018 7:15 AM PST

Kendall Jenner Rocks Out with Friends Celebrating Her 23rd Birthday

Kendall Jenner got turnt for her BD Saturday night ... rockin' some birthday paraphernalia on the streets of NYC, with best bud Bella Hadid along with Tyler, the Creator, and then going to a friend's apartment where everyone cut loose.

Kendall is in the middle of a full-blown 23rd birthday weekend celebration.  

Check out the video. Everyone was having a super fun time, but it didn't end there. They left and hit up the Sing Sing Karaoke bar until the wee hours of the morning.

She actually had a few moments of anonymity earlier in the day, when she tooled around on a Citi Bike in Soho.

We also found out on Thursday night in Philly, after the 76'er game, she and Ben Simmons hit up the Elbow Lane bowling alley.