Yo Gotti Fan Gets Onstage ... Fan Gets SLAMMED by Security!!!

6/9/2019 7:52 AM PDT

Yo Gotti Fan Rushes Onstage and Gets Destroyed by Security

Warning to Yo Gotti fans: Wanna be tackled so hard by a muscle-bound security guard that your soul leaves your body? Simply jump onstage like this guy did, and ... good luck!

Gotti was rocking The Block Party festival Saturday night in San Antonio when one excited and very brave fan decided to get a little closer. What's amazing about the moment is ... Yo Gotti never flinches for a second. 

Gotti was so unfazed by the fan ... it's almost like he knew what was about to happen.

One of his security guards rushed in, looking exactly like an NFL linebacker, and absolutely destroyed the fan!!! According to concertgoers, Gotti's security worked the guy over a little bit after the tackle ... and then police detained him.

We don't know if the guy ended up getting arrested, but we KNOW he needs a lot of Advil today.