'Pumped Up Kicks' Yanked from L.A. Airwaves After Newtown Massacre


Foster the People's hit song "Pumped Up Kicks" -- whose lyrics depict a violent school shooting -- won't be getting ANY airplay whatsoever in the wake of the Newtown massacre ... at least on L.A.'s #1 hit music station.

Sources at KIIS-FM tell TMZ, the station has completely pulled "Pumped Up Kicks" from its rotation after the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school last week.

Foster the People frontman Mark Foster has said the song was written about a psychotic, homicidal youth to help bring awareness to gun violence in schools -- and was partly inspired by the Columbine tragedy.

Here's the song's chorus -- All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, / You better run, better run, outrun my gun. / All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, / You better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

As we reported, Ke$ha's song "Die Young" has also plummeted from the charts due to its inopportune lyrics.

Our sources say KIIS-FM hasn't yet made a decision about yanking "Die Young" entirely -- but "Pumped Up Kicks" is definitely off the air for the foreseeable future.

'Foster the People' Singer KICKED OUT of Prince Concert


Prince DOES NOT mess around when it comes to cell phones at his private shows ... and had the lead singer of Foster the People KICKED OUT last night when he violated the rule.

TMZ was shooting footage when Mark Foster -- the guy who sings the annoyingly overplayed "Pumped Up Kicks" song -- was escorted out of The Sayers Club when someone saw him tooling around on his iPhone.

Foster begged and pleaded with security to let him back inside -- using every tactic in the book:

-- I have a tab at the bar I didn't close!
-- I promise I wasn't taking a picture, check my phone!
-- I'm a musician, I understand ... I won't do it again.

... and of course, "I'm Mark Foster ... from Foster the People."

After a couple of minutes in limbo, security gave Mark a break and let him back inside ... but only after they MADE HIM check his phone.

On his way out of the show, Mark told us it was a big misunderstanding ... he was simply checking a text message from a friend when he was tossed.

He also said he understood why security did what they did ... telling us, "It's cool ... Prince doesn't play in front of 100 people every night."

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