Christian Bale -- Rant 'Unfortunate & Inexcusable'

Promoting the new "Terminator" flick isn't gonna be easy for Christian Bale -- because it's impossible to talk about the movie without reporters bringing up that now infamous "la da da da" tirade.

He was on "Good Morning America" this morning, where he was asked the million dollar question: Do you have an anger problem?

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John Connor's Dad: Bale Rant "Kinda Sad"

Fighting against Skynet is one thing -- but when it comes to screaming at a DP on set, certain "Terminator" stars don't always have each other's backs.

Michael Biehn, who played John Connor's dad in the original "Terminator," says Christian Bale's "T4" tirade never would have flown with him -- and that Bale's gotta remember he's only playing "f**king John Connor."

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What Happened to Li'l Eddie Furlong?

It seems that the "Terminator" star has been doing some terminating of his own. Since we last spotted him, he looks like he's demolished a few thousand double cheeseburgers... with fries and beer.

His current state also makes us wonder if his home has running water.

(And just a side note, smoking around children is really selfish.)



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