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Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Served with Lawsuit ... In Rape Case

6/14/2019 12:57 PM PDT

A pretty significant development in the Cristiano Ronaldo alleged rape lawsuit -- TMZ Sports has learned the soccer star has been served with the court papers and the battle is now underway. 

Remember, the accuser Kathryn Mayorga recently withdrew her lawsuit from state court in Nevada to focus on the lawsuit in federal court, mostly because state court laws were making it hard for her legal team to serve Ronaldo with the court docs. 

And, just days after making the move, Mayorga's team had success serving CR7 -- which means the case can now move forward. 

In fact, Ronaldo's legal team has already responded to the lawsuit with court docs of their own in which they ask the judge for permission to file a new 46-page document which will presumably lay out their argument for the court to throw out the case. 

As we previously reported, Mayorga claims Ronaldo raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room back in 2009 after partying together at a nightclub. 

She had initially filed a police report describing the alleged crime -- but didn't identify Ronaldo by name.

In her original lawsuit, Mayorga says she later accepted a $375,000 payment in exchange for her silence -- but now, she wants that agreement voided.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. reopened the case -- but so far, no charges have been brought against the soccer star.

Ronaldo has previously denied the allegations -- saying back in 2018, "Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in."

"Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense."

Cobi Jones To U.S. Women's Soccer 'Keep Scoring Goals!'

6/13/2019 11:16 AM PDT

U.S. soccer legend Cobi Jones LOVES the fact the U.S. Women's National Team racked up 13 goals against Thailand ... and says the criticism they're getting is a bunch of crap. 

The U.S. women have been under fire from people who accused the team of bad sportsmanship for running up the score and celebrating every single goal. 

So, when we saw Cobi -- one of the most famous U.S. soccer players of all time -- we asked if he thought the team took things too far. 

"I don't think it's bad sportsmanship," Jones told TMZ Sports in L.A. ... "I don't think any of the celebrations were directed toward the other team. [They weren't] running over to their bench or getting in the face of the other players. It was all internal meant for them and their group."

Jones says the downside to such a dominant performance is there will be a bunch of new HATERS who want to see the U.S. lose ... because "We tend to root against the winners."

Still, Cobi says he wants to see Alex Morgan and company keep their feet on the gas ... saying, "Keep scoring goals! Celebrate! It's the World Cup!"

Team USA takes on Chile on Sunday ... where the Americans are currently favored by 4.5 goals. 


Common Calls Out U.S. Women's Soccer Critics ... Stop The Sexism!!!

6/13/2019 12:43 PM PDT

Common is sick and tired of watching female athletes get TRASHED by "sexist" sports fans who hold the women to a completely different standard than their male counterparts ... and he's calling for it to end. 

The rapper/actor/social activist was at LAX sporting a shirt that reads, "Love Her" -- so we asked about the U.S. Women's National Team getting no love from people upset with their 13-0 victory over Thailand. 

Some critics have called the team classless for celebrating after some of the late goals -- and accused the team of unnecessarily running up the score against an obviously outmatched opponent. 

But, Common says we should be CELEBRATING the women and lifting them up for their accomplishments instead of looking for ways to put them down. 

"If they felt like celebrating then they celebrated," Common explained ... "They worked hard to get there. If they celebrated, that's okay."

Common also says this latest round of criticism is nothing new -- saying "the whole country has been sexist" when it comes to sports ... adding, "We just gotta erase that whole mentality."

He also compared the plight of female athletes to black athletes -- saying they face similar unfair criticism from the masses. 

But, check out the clip ... Common says he's a hardcore feminist and explains why he's so passionate about the issue. 

NFL's Zach Ertz Proud of Wife's 13-0 Soccer Win ... Keep Smashin' Em!

6/13/2019 7:50 AM PDT
Breaking News

"It would be a crime for them to take the foot off the gas!"

That's Eagles superstar Zach Ertz -- whose wife, Julie, is a stud on the US Women's National Team -- going scorched earth on soccer critics who say Americans ran up the score on Thailand!!

If ya missed it ... Alex Morgan and the U.S. ladies went OFF on the Thai team earlier this week in their World Cup opener -- piling on 13 goals in a shutout win.

The slaughter was met with backlash from fans all over the globe ... saying the USWNT shouldn't have run up the score so badly on such an inferior squad.

Enter Ertz ... who said to a group of reporters at his locker Wednesday that his wife and her teammates did absolutely nothing wrong -- and, in fact, should have kept scoring more!!!

"The first tie-breaker in the World Cup in the group stage is goal differential. So, it would be a crime for them to take the foot off the gas and then finish second in the group because they took the foot off the gas."

As for all the celebrating after the goals -- even when it was clear the U.S. team had won?? Ertz says he was fine with that too, saying it builds great team chemistry!!

For their part, the women have defended their actions ... with Morgan saying to ESPN on Wednesday, "I think it's disrespectful if we don't show up and give our best and play our game for 90 minutes."

"It's disrespectful to the Thai team. And, I believe they wanted us to play them straight-up."

Floyd Mayweather Drops Off Forbes' List ... Messi Takes Top Spot

6/11/2019 8:30 AM PDT
Breaking News

From #1 to not even listed ...  Floyd Mayweather is NOT one of Forbes' highest-paid athletes of 2019 ... after taking the top honors one year ago.

The business magazine released its list of the richest ballers of the year ... and surprisingly, the boxing superstar nicknamed "Money" ain't on it.

The top 3 spots belong to footballers Lionel Messi ($127 million), Cristiano Ronaldo ($109 million), and Neymar ($105 million) ... and Canelo Alvarez ($94 million) and Roger Federer ($93.4 million) round out the top 5.

Look, this ain't a shot at Floyd -- considering he made more than double what Messi made this year in 2018 (he raked in $285 million thanks to the Conor McGregor fight) ...but it's interesting to see him fall out of the top 100 altogether.

Other notable athletes in the top 10 include Russell Wilson ($89.5 million), Aaron Rodgers ($89.3 million) and LeBron James ($89 million).

McGregor made the list at #21 with $47 million earned (last year he was #4 with $99 million).

As for cash made straight off endorsements, King James ain't at the top -- it's Federer, with $86 million made off the tennis court.

The youngest player on the list is 20-year-old French soccer star Kylian Mbappe with $30.6 million ... so he's got a few years to catch up to Messi.

Team France Star Lucas Hernandez World Cup Drip ... Worth $85k!!

6/6/2019 1:07 PM PDT

The French national team may be the iciest in all of sports ... 'cause fresh off getting championship rings from Paul Pogba, star defender Lucas Hernandez got a World Cup trophy chain!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... Lucas is following his teammates' lead in commemorating their 2018 World Cup with diamonds -- copping 2 tennis chains and a pendant of the World Cup trophy.

We're told Hernandez hit up Antonio Brown's go-to guy, Gabriel the Jeweler, for the job ... and whipped up the chains with 30 carats each, and the white gold trophy with 6 carat diamonds.

The piece even has a message engraved on the back, saying, "Champion Du Monde." 

We're told the whole order is worth around $85,000.

Of course, Pogba gifted championship rings to all his teammates back in March ... so Hernandez has all kinds of WC swag now.

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Investigation Still Active ... Cops Say

6/5/2019 10:53 AM PDT
Breaking News

The criminal investigation into Cristiano Ronaldo's rape allegation is still active, the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. says. 

Kathryn Mayorga, the woman behind the allegations, had dropped her civil case filed in state court in Nevada earlier this month -- making some people wonder if the two sides had reached a settlement. 

But, Mayorga's attorney, Larissa Drohobyczer, says Kathryn is NOT backing down -- they're simply moving the lawsuit from state court to federal court, where it's easier to sue someone who lives abroad. 

"We basically just switched venues but the claims and lawsuit still remains," Drohobyczer tells TMZ Sports.

In other words, Mayorga's team was having trouble serving Ronaldo with the court papers -- but the laws in federal court are more favorable for a person suing someone who lives out of the country.

Per Drohobyczer, they are still waiting for confirmation from the Italian government that Ronaldo has been served with the lawsuit.

As we previously reported, Mayorga claims Ronaldo raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room back in 2009.

She had initially filed a police report describing the alleged crime -- but didn't identify Ronaldo by name.

In her original lawsuit, Mayorga says she later accepted a $375,000 payment in exchange for her silence -- but now, she wants that agreement voided.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. reopened the case -- but so far, no charges have been brought against the soccer star.

D'Angelo Russell Lifts Short Soccer Star To Dunk ... Lemme Give You a Hand!!

6/5/2019 12:56 PM PDT
Breaking News

No, this is not a shot from "Dirty Dancing" ... it's NBA star D'Angelo Russell lifting his new soccer friend, Riqui Puig, up for his first slam dunk ever!!!

DLo -- a huge FC Barcelona fan -- visited the team facility in Spain for a VIP tour ... and got to hang out with the 5'7" midfielder to shoot and kick some balls around.

Puig shows off his J, but admits he's too vertically challenged to ever graze the rim on his own ... so the 6'5" hooper gave him a hand for his first-ever dunk!!

DLo gets major props for his footwork during some keep-ups ... and even lands a goal in the back of the net when they tested his skills on the pitch.

Best part -- Russell got his own custom #1 Barca jersey ... so maybe he's already got his free agency destination already picked out!!

Neymar Reportedly Accused of Rape ... He Denies, Calls it Extortion

6/2/2019 2:02 PM PDT
Breaking News

6/2 -- Neymar himself has responded to the rape allegation, posting a lengthy video on Instagram ... which he captioned in Portuguese ... "Because of extortion, I am being forced to expose my life and family." In the video, which is filmed in Portuguese, he says in part, "I'm being accused of rape. Yes, it is a heavy word, a very strong thing ... what happened was totally the opposite of what they are talking and saying," Neymar said. "I'm very upset at this moment." 

He went on to show WhatsApp messages that he says were sent between himself and the woman in the days leading up to the alleged incident, which show multiple intimate photos being exchanged. It appears a few more messages were sent afterward as well.

6/1 4:41 PM PT -- Neymar's father and agent, Neymar dos Santos, has come out to call the rape allegation a "set-up." In a local television interview, Neymar's dad roughly said, "If public opinion is not cleared up, and if we can’t show the truth rapidly, this will snowball. If we have to show Neymar’s WhatsApp and the conversations with this girl, we will, because it is clear that it was a trap." Brazilian soccer star Neymar has been accused of rape -- and the alleged victim has gone to authorities in Brazil to file a report ... according to multiple outlets.

AP says they've obtained a police report filed Friday in Sao Paulo, in which the unnamed woman claims to have been raped by Neymar on May 15 at a hotel in Paris. She alleges that after exchanging messages on Instagram, a representative for Neymar's soccer team -- Paris Saint-Germain F.C. -- bought her a plane ticket and booked her a room.

She reportedly went on to tell police that around 8 PM that night, Neymar came to the room seemingly drunk and had forceful sex with her. 

Neymar's reps have not responded for comment at this point. He's currently in Brazil preparing the Copa America, which kicks off next week. 

Originally Published -- 6/1 3:47 PM PT

Champions League Finals Hot Streaker Plugs Russian Porn Site ... Security Gives Chase

6/1/2019 2:56 PM PDT

2:56 PM PT -- Guess who else was watching the Champions League final ... Daniel Kaluuya!!! We got the 'Get Out' actor -- who's British, BTW -- outside of the Village Idiot on Melrose, where he was rocking an Arsenal jersey and quickly gave us his take on the game.

Check it out -- sounds like he was rooting for anything but a Tottenham win. Ya know he's gotta be happy right about now. 

The Champions League Finals just wrapped -- and while there was a lot of action ... the highlight might've been a model who risked it all to plug her BF's porn site on the field.

The streaker is suspected to be model Kinsey Wolanski, who's dating Vitaly Zdorovetskiy -- a guy who set up a Russian porn site that the two of 'em must really be passionate about ... 'cause she ran out onto the pitch in the first half in a skimpy one-piece with his site plastered in front.

Security was quick to give her a chase and escort her off the field, but not before everyone got a glimpse of her body-hugging outfit and some revealing shots ... from the front and back. 

Gotta say as far as in-game interruptions go ... we don't really mind this one so much. Oh, and congrats to Liverpool for beating the Spurs -- heck of a game. 

Originally Published -- 2:25 PM PT

J.J .Watt Engaged to GF of 2 Years!!!

5/27/2019 6:39 AM PDT

J.J. Watt is going to seal the deal with his girlfriend of 2 years ... Kealia Ohai.

The defensive end for the Houston Texans popped the question in an awesome, undisclosed location, but by the looks of it they were tooling around on a yacht when they went to an island where he got down on his knee -- J.J. loves tradition -- and asked his soccer star GF to marry him.

View this post on Instagram

I’m the luckiest man in the world. #SheSaidYes

A post shared by JJ Watt (@jjwatt) on

Watt kept their relationship on the down-low for a long time, calling her a "great friend." But over time, it became apparent it was way more serious. They ended up at his house stuffing stockings over XMAS.

This year, they've been out in the open about their relationship, smooching during a vacation in Laguna Beach.  

J.J. is a super charitable guy ... raising more than $37 million after Hurricane Harvey ravaged his city of Houston.

Arnold Schwarzenegger offered his congrats, saying, "Congratulations my man! If you need someone to officiate, I happen to have the power."

Neymar Called Out By Playboy Model ... Forget RiRi, Call Me!!!

5/24/2019 12:10 AM PDT

Here's smokin' hot Playboy model Francia James ... she has 1.4 MILLION followers on Instagram -- and desperately wants to bang Neymar

... and somehow, we think she might have a shot!!!

In fact, James was so shook when she saw that pic of the Brazilian soccer superstar hanging with Rihanna in Paris the other day ... she straight up called him out on camera!!!

"He should've gotten with me instead of Rihanna!! C'mon Neymar!!"

Remember, Neymar was so stoked at the opportunity to hang with RiRi, he blew off a major soccer award ceremony for his teammate, Mbappe, to meet up with the singer at her fashion event. 

James is one of the most desirable women on the planet herself ... she's graced magazine covers from Playboy to FHM and has a pretty solid career in adult modeling. 

As for Neymar, the 27-year-old broke up with his serious girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, last year and had been connected with bikini model and YouTube vlogger Mari Tavares in early 2019.

So, what's his relationship status now? Unclear ... but the dude is clearly in demand. 

God speed, Francia ... 

Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes Monaco Grand Prix ... Hangs with Lewis Hamilton

5/23/2019 6:58 AM PDT
Breaking News

There's A LOT of money in this photo ... 

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo traded the pitch for the pit on Thursday ... rolling over to the Monaco Grand Prix to hang with Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton had just wrapped up his opening practice session for the race -- he turned in the fastest practice time -- when he went back to the Team Mercedes-Benz garage to chat up CR7. 

Of course, Ronaldo got the ultimate VIP treatment -- getting a full tour of the track and pit lane with his son by his side the entire time. CR7's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, was also on hand in Monaco, just two days after slaying at the Cannes Film Festival. 

It was interesting to see Hamilton -- considering he'd backed out of media obligations on Wednesday in the wake of the death of Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda

FYI, Hamilton is the highest earning F1 driver of all time -- with a reported $489 MILLION in career race earnings!!

Ronaldo's got bank too -- he reportedly made more than $108 MILLION in 2018 ... and continues to chart as one of the most bankable celebrities on the planet. 

By the way, the Monaco Grand Prix goes down on Sunday -- and shocker, Hamilton is expected to win. 

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