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Byron Allen

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Byron Allen was born in 1961 in Detroit. Not long afterward, he moved to LA. When he was just a teenager, he started doing stand-up clubs in Los Angeles. That was where comedian Jimmie Walker discovered him, and offered him a job as a writer. Allen worked alongside David Letterman and Jay Leno. He has been hosting Entertainers with Byron Allen (2008) since 1993.  See full bio on IMDb »

Byron Allen Pouring $100 Million into Weather Channel and it's Showing

Byron Allen
Pouring Million$ into Weather Channel ... Look at the Results!!!

Byron Allen is sparing no expense as he seeks to revamp The Weather Channel ... and his $100 MILLION investment is sparkling at the perfect time.  Byron tells us loads of cash went into… READ MORE >

Weather Channel Rolls Out Badass Graphics to Show Hurricane Florence Conditions

Weather Channel
We Built a Virtual Hurricane ... Lifesaving Tech Debuts

The Weather Channel is stepping up its game for Hurricane Florence with some amazing 'Star Wars'-like graphics that have the potential to save hundreds of lives. The new virtual reality… READ MORE >

- 160 days ago
Byron Allen -- Drops N-Word On Obama (VIDEO)

Byron Allen
Drops N-Word On Obama

President Obama got an earful from famed mega-producer Byron Allen Thursday night ... punctuated by the n-word.  Allen has supported Obama for years, but has recently turned on him, calling… READ MORE >

- 1343 days ago
Byron Allen -- Stands by Prez Obama 'Blackface' Diss ... Threatens Hillary Clinton Too! (TMZ LIVE)

Byron Allen
Stands by 'Blackface' Obama Diss ... Threatens Hillary Clinton Too!

President Obama refused to address the racial issues raised by famed Hollywood producer Byron Allen, but went radio silent, according to Allen ... who's now blasting the prez AND the potential… READ MORE >

- 1367 days ago
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