Weather Channel We Built a Virtual Hurricane ... Lifesaving Tech Debuts

9/14/2018 9:22 AM PDT

Weather Channel Rolls Out Badass Graphics to Show Hurricane Florence Conditions

The Weather Channel is stepping up its game for Hurricane Florence with some amazing 'Star Wars'-like graphics that have the potential to save hundreds of lives.

The new virtual reality view of a hurricane's storm surge debuted Thursday and it's truly impressive. The meteorologist seems like Charlton Heston in "The Ten Commandments" -- surrounded by 9 feet of water, giving viewers a shocking look at the devastation it could cause.

On one hand, it's a super cool visual and, honestly, great TV -- but the more impressive thing is how it drives home how treacherous it is for anyone in the path of Florence.

Byron Allen purchased The Weather Channel earlier this year, and we gotta say ... kudos for the immersive technology, especially if it teaches people to get outta danger.