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Chris Soules

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Chris Soules was born on November 6, 1981 in Arlington, Iowa, USA.  See full bio on IMDb »

Ex-'Bachelor' Chris Soules Strikes Plea Deal in Fatal Car Crash

Ex-'Bachelor' Chris Soules
Strikes Plea Deal In Fatal Car Crash Case

Former 'Bachelor' Chris Soules just copped an incredibly sweet plea in his fatal car crash, and it means he's no longer facing a felony ... but he could still end up doing time. Soules entered a… READ MORE >

Chris Soules, Cops Put Me in a Catch-22 in Fatal Hit and Run Case

Chris Soules
Cops Put Me in Catch-22 ... In Fatal Hit and Run

'Bachelor' Chris Soules has just asked the judge in his felony hit and run case to throw out all the charges, because the law is f****d up. Chris' lawyer says in legal docs, he did everything he… READ MORE >

- 549 days ago
Chris Soules Looks Sharp, Doesn't Say a Word at Court Hearing

Chris Soules
Looks Sharp, Says Zilch at Hearing

Chris Soules showed up in court for the first time in nearly 5 months ... this time in a suit and not a bright jumpsuit. The former 'Bachelor' was flanked by his attorneys at Buchanan County… READ MORE >

- 555 days ago
Chris Soules and Andi Dorfman Reminisce Like Old Times at Mystery Lunch Date

Chris Soules & Andi Dorfman
Old Love Dies Hard So, Let's Grab a Bite!!!

Chris Soules and Andi Dorfman are partying like it's 2014 ... back to one-on-one dates like it's 'Bachelorette' season 10. Chris and Andi reunited over the weekend by grabbing a… READ MORE >

- 556 days ago
Chris Soules, Don't Call Person Who Died in Crash 'Victim'

Chris Soules
Don't Call Person Who Died in Crash 'Victim'

Former 'Bachelor' and current defendant Chris Soules wants to block the jury in his felony hit-and-run trial from hearing anyone refer to the deceased as a "victim." TMZ broke the story ... Chris… READ MORE >

- 644 days ago
'Bachelor' Chris Soules Pleads Not Guilty in Fatal Car Crash

Chris Soules
Enters Not Guilty Plea Early ... To Avoid Court Spectacle

Chris Soules might have just saved himself from showing his face in court for a while -- he entered a plea of not guilty on paper, instead of in person. Chris filed a written plea Tuesday,… READ MORE >

- 675 days ago
Chris Soules Prosecutors Say He Purchased Alcohol Before Fatal Accident, Dodged DUI Check by Fleeing

Chris Soules
Bought Booze Before Accident ... According to Prosecutors

Chris Soules bought booze before his fatal accident with a tractor, and was possibly drinking it at the time of the crash ... according to prosecutors in Iowa. Prosecutors made that bombshell… READ MORE >

- 690 days ago
Chris Soules Asks Judge to Dismiss Criminal Charge in Fatal Car Accident

Chris Soules
Asks Judge to Dismiss Criminal Charge In Fatal Crash

Chris Soules says he did everything he was legally required to do at the scene of his fatal accident, and his lawyers have just filed legal docs asking the judge to dismiss the felony charge of… READ MORE >

- 691 days ago
Chris Soules' Lawyer Gunning For Media in Fatal Car Crash Case

Chris Soules
Lawyers Gunning for Media In Fatal Car Crash Case

Chris Soules' lawyers are going after the Sheriff's Dept. and prosecutors, clearly trying to establish they're in bed with the media by leaking damaging information about Chris that could affect… READ MORE >

- 693 days ago
'Bachelor' Chris Soules Investigation, Cops get Search Warrant for Getaway Car & Blood Tests

'Bachelor' Chris Soules
Cops Get Search Warrant For Getaway Car & Blood Tests

Iowa cops have pulled out the legal guns to locate the vehicle that took 'Bachelor' Chris Soules from the scene of the fatal crash. TMZ has obtained documents showing police have obtained a search… READ MORE >

- 694 days ago
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